Sunday Worship – June 21st 2020 by Rev Gayle Taylor

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship – the parts in bold to be said aloud:

“The student is not above the teacher,

nor a servant above his master.”

We are here to learn of Christ’s ways.

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

Yet not one of them will fall to the ground

outside your Father’s care.”

We are here in gratitude for all God’s care.

“Whoever finds their life will lose it,

and whoever loses their life for my sake

will find it.”

We are here to find ourselves

by losing ourselves in worship.

HYMN – Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

All-Age Prayer with parts in bold to be said aloud

The hungry and the homeless,

the hurting and the habitual.

All are welcome in this place.

All are welcome through Jesus our friend.

The lost and the lonely,

the lazy and the labourer.

All are welcome in this place.

All are welcome through Jesus our friend.

The angry and the affable,

the affectionate and the aggressive.

All are welcome in this place.

All are welcome through Jesus our friend.

The grumpy and the gracious,

the greedy and the generous.

All are welcome in this place.

All are welcome through Jesus our friend.

The confused and the confusing,

the confessing and the cursing.

All are welcome in this place.

All are welcome through Jesus our friend.

Thank you, Lord, that we are welcome here too.

Thank you, Lord, that I am welcomed by you.


Reading: Matthew 10 v 24 – 39 to be read in your own bible at home

Reflective Prayer:

HYMN – Be Still


The Lord’s Prayer:

Sunday School Activities for all ages

Bird Feeders

You will need: pipe cleaners, wool, ring-shaped cereals (like Cheerios or equivalents), scissors.

Give each child a pipe cleaner. Ask the children to fold one end of the pipe cleaner up to form a tick shape. Ask the children to thread the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaner, leaving a 2 cm space at the end without any cereal hoops.

Ask the children to twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together securely, making a ring. Give each child a length of wool to attach to the birdfeeder so that it can be hung from the branch of a tree or bush.

Have a conversation with the children about birds they are familiar with. Talk about how each tiny bird is precious to God. How can we help to look after birds and other creatures who share our gardens and parks and countryside? Talk about how each one of us is precious to God.

Three-Legged Race Game

You will need: ties or scarves.

The traditional game of tying two children’s feet side by side and asking them to walk the length of the room. Be careful with this to ensure no injuries!

At the beginning of the race people find it awkward and difficult to get moving in harmony but very quickly they learn how to work together. Jesus wants us to live in peace and be happy and learn to pull in one direction.

HYMN There are Hundreds of Sparrows

Prayers for Others and Ourselves


as we want for very little materially in our western world,

others are in great need worldwide.

Though the sparrow may not fall without your knowledge,

many of our brothers and sisters fall unnoticed

through all too many ordinary, everyday needs.

We take our daily needs for granted,

yet lack of food or lack of water

brings too many to their untimely end.

We take our homes for granted,

yet lack of home or lack of security

brings death by the thousand.

Oh Lord, how long must it be so that good people,

children, parents, grandparents,

must tolerate and endure such an unfair world.

How long will it go on that billions go without the basics,

whilst billionaires increase their wealth year on year.

Hear our cries, oh Lord, for justice.

Hear our cries, oh Lord, for fairness.

Hear our cries, oh Lord, for the forgotten people

of our modern world,

your children, members of our human family.

And amongst us too, God, there is pain and plight.

We think of our community where food banks are in use,

or where homes are threatened by financial constraint.

We think of the strain upon our health services,

or those who feel isolated and alone.

We think of our teachers and school staff teams as they cope with new arrangements and constraints.

We think of those who have lost loved ones in death,

and feel lost in their grief now themselves.

For your Church, world and people we pray.

In your mercy, Lord, hear our prayer.


Yes, Lord, we are taught that all are worthy in your sight.

May it be that all will be worthy

in the sight of the powerful

and in our sight too.


HYMN Lord of all Hopefulness

Prayer of Dedication

“The Worker is worth his keep”, Lord,

and you have certainly provided us

with much more than our keep.

Blessing after blessing is ours

whether we think of house or health,

welcome or wealth.

Take then the tokens of our love

that we offer back to you

from the riches you have gifted us.

Take these offerings and use them.

Take we who are your people and use us.

Build your Kingdom of welcome here in this place

and build your Kingdom of welcome here through us we ask.

In the name of Christ our Lord.



The sparrow has value to God and creation.

The worm has value to God and creation.

You, we, are cherished by God.

Every moment of constructive conversation

teems with value and possibility.

Every reflective silence is rich in potential.

This time, this creation, this life needs us.

No holding back, no holding in, no waiting.

Go, to live, be counted, and serve God,

today, tomorrow and always. Amen