Announcement – final week of Thought for the Day next week

Thought for the Day began in the middle of March just before the start of the official lockdown on Monday the 23rd. It has been a resource to help keep us together in faith and fellowship through isolated and insecure times. However, like the clap for our carers on a Thursday night, the Kirk Session have agreed that TFTD was for a particular purpose and time and should go out on a high rather than being less used and appreciated.

As the lockdown eases and as the church moves into it’s annual summer period of rest and recharging, TFTD will become Thought for the Week and will be posted in the middle of the week on a Wednesday starting on the 8th of July. We will still have our Sunday worship on the website each week too for the foreseeable future. We hope that this will bring some relief to the daily workload of the minister but will also still provide content and reflection for those worshipping at home.