Sunday Worship – June 14th 2020 by Rev Gayle Taylor

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship – say aloud the parts in bold type.

Back then there was the twelve.

Here and now there is us.

We are your disciples today

and today we gather to worship you.

Back then they followed you in the flesh.

Today we follow in your Spirit.

We are your disciples

and today we gather to follow you.

Back then there were but a few.

Today we, numbering billions,

are part of a worldwide Church.

We are your disciples today

and today we gather to serve you.

HYMN Jesus Calls us O’er the Tumult

All-Age Prayer

Lord Jesus,

you call us to follow

in your footsteps,

to live a life of love;

by serving our neighbours,

by being kind,

by being generous,

by welcoming people,

by forgiving those who hurt us.

You did this

when you lived on the earth,

you have shown us

by your example and

now you ask us

to do the same.

It is hard Lord,

but we promise to try.

Help us Lord Jesus

to be more like you.


Reading: Matthew 9:35-10:8 read by Luke, Hannah and Tracy Teasdale

Reflective reading of the passage:

All this week we have been reflecting on multi screen images in our Thought for the Day as a metaphor for the church and ministry.
Let’s share in the Lord’s Prayer with the virtual choir from the Philippines.


HYMN – The Church is Wherever

Sunday School Activity – for all ages

Team Picture

You will need: A4 paper, crayons, felt tip pens, glue sticks, collage material, scissors, frieze paper or lining paper.

Give each child (or adult!) a sheet of A4 paper and ask them to draw a self portrait (head and shoulders) using materials provided. Encourage the children to use the full size of the paper rather than draw a very small face in the centre of the page.

Ask the children to cut out their picture and then at some point these can be stuck onto the frieze or lining paper or take photos to make the frieze online. Write the words “We are a team” or “We are Jesus’ disciples” or whatever your group thinks appropriate for themselves along the top or bottom of the poster.

Talk about the story. Talk with the children about how we are all called to be part of a team, working with each other to tell the good news of Jesus. Discuss the different roles/workers in the church and how they can contribute, participate and lead.

Workers In Your Church

You will need: paper and pencils for everyone and a list of questions for everyone to ask (such as: Why do you help out in our church doing what you do? Do you have any other roles in the church and if so what are they and why do you do it? Are you employed in another job? Do you talk about church or your faith there? Are you a member of any organisations or clubs and if so what are they and do you talk about your church/faith there?).

List the leaders and helpers in your church. Think of how to ask your prescribed questions and find out the answers. The workers are few, Jesus says, and to be a worker we need to talk about Jesus. That is what the disciples did.

Ask the children if they talk about church, Jesus or Sunday School when they are with friends or family? Explain that there are lots and lots of children and adults out there who know nothing about Jesus or the bible.

Prayer of Dedication

Lord Jesus you gave your life that

we might know the full extent

of God’s love for all creation.

Today, we offer our very selves,

all that we are, all that we can be,

with your help.

Receive all that we offer,

time, talents, money,

take and use it all for your glory.


HYMN – When Jesus Saw the Fishermen

Prayers for Others and Ourselves

God of compassion,

in a world in which we sometimes struggle

to understand what it might mean today

to have a plentiful harvest,

but know all too well what it means

to have few labourers,

we bring our prayers for other people

and our prayers for ourselves

as a community of faith,

endeavouring to live out our commitment

as your disciples.

We pray for all those who feel

the weight of oppression and persecution

in their lives individually and as a community;

may they know a sense of belonging

and may we speak up

to confront injustice wherever

and however we find it.

We pray for all those who are grieving

a loss of someone special to them,

and who sense so viscerally

the division and isolation that loss can bring;

may they know your comforting presence

and may we open our hearts

in whatever way we can

to be a supportive friend.

We pray for all those who worry

and know the struggle that the next

months and years will be for them,

with less income and greater costs,

with job insecurity and fewer opportunities;

may they know your steadfast companionship

and may we be generous

in our solidarity.

We pray for all those whose labour

is not recognised or appreciated,

and those who feel they have been excluded

from the riches and opportunities

that have blessed others;

may they demand recognition

and may we stand with all those

whom others seek to make scapegoats.

We pray for all those in positions of leadership

with difficult decisions to make

and responsibilities to heed;

may they be guided by a spirit of duty to all,

and with a clarity of thought

that will help them navigate

competing demands,

and may we be supportive and questioning,

generous and honest.

Hear our prayers, Lord God,

offered in your name.


HYMN – Will you Come and Follow Me


God, help us shake the dust off our feet,

and go into the world with a spirit of healing love.

Faith, belief and discipleship are to be lived out.

May we, your followers in this generation,

go to meet our world:

with your blessing,

with the example of Jesus ever before us,

and the energy of the Spirit driving us. Amen