The Great Newtongrange Cat and Dog Quest

The Golden retriever and the kitten

Game starts this Sunday evening – 14th June!

Around the Newtongrange Welfare Park there will 22 pictures of Cats and Dogs that are hiding away clues to a secret phrase.
Search out the cats and dogs and using the first letter of each of their names that are written on the back of the pictures, put together a phrase that is relevant not only during the COVID-19 crisis but all of the time! (HINT -The cats and dogs that make up each word are on the same coloured background.)
The cats and dogs will be around the park until 22nd June
Fill in the five words on the form and add your name, address and age before you submit it so we can drop you off a wee prize. Send us your form by 23rd June. If you want to send in a paper copy please post it to 46 Newbattle Abbey Crescent, EH22 3LN
Names and addresses will only be used to distribute prizes and will be disposed of immediately after the quest is completed and prizes distributed.
This game has been compiled by Erika, Mission and Outreach Worker, Newbattle Parish, Church of Scotland
Serving the communities of Easthouses, Mayfield, Newbattle and Newtongrange
Registered charity no. SC035087

Link for the online entry form: