Sunday Worship – 7th June 2020 Trinity Sunday by Rev Gayle Taylor

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship to say aloud

Life-providing God, we gather to praise you.

Receive the humble praise we offer.

Lead-giving Christ, we gather to follow you.

Guide us in your ways in our worship.

Love-sharing Spirit, we gather to grow.

Nurture our faith this hour.

HYMN – Lord Jesus Christ

All-Age Prayer

Ready, steady, stop!

God, help us all to:

stop bullying and brutality,

stop hunger and hurt,

stop fear and famine.

Help us all to be ready, and steady, and to stop!

Ready, steady, wait!

Help us all to:

Wait for the slower ones amongst us,

wait for the things we can’t yet have,

wait on your teaching to help us grow.

Help us all to be ready, and steady, and to wait!

Ready, steady, go!

Help us all to:

go and offer kindness,

go and speak the truth,

go and be your light,

help us all to be ready, and steady, and to go

in the name of Jesus our teacher.


Reading: Matthew 28 v 16-20 read by Mabel Currie, Session Clerk

Dramatised Reading:


HYMN – As a Fire is Meant for Burning

Sunday School Activities:

1-2-3 Game

Sitting with the children, start off with everyone counting 1-2-3 on their fingers and then reverse it to 3-2-1 as they

drop their fingers. Get a little bit faster and faster. Then change the wording over to Father, Son, Holy Spirit on each

finger and then Holy Spirit, Son, Father and once again getting faster each time.  Today is Trinity Sunday so let’s get used to the numbers 1 through 3, remembering the 3 persons of God and linking them to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3 in 1 game and discussion

You will need: a range of objects that you will give the children or let them select from (such as pen, roll of sellotape, paper plate, CD, cup, bottle of water), leave an image of a mouth to be the last item.

Once each child has their items they must come up with three things that their item can be used for and put it into action. For example, a roll of sellotape can be used for securing a parcel, as a bracelet, or to form a picture frame; a bottle of water can be used as something to drink from, as a skittle, as a door stop.

Lots of people do understand the meaning of the Trinity but it really boils down to one thing existing in three different ways. Bring out the image of the mouth and get suggestions for what the mouth can be used for, such as talking, singing and whistling! Jesus tells us to go forth and make disciples; well we can do that using our mouths quite easily.

HYMN – One More Step

Prayers for Others and Ourselves

This world can make us doubt, God.

When we see the starving child or the homeless man,

when we imagine the plight

of the abused women or the fleeing refugee

this world can make us doubt, Lord.

This world can make us tired, Lord.

When news is 24/7 pandemic, plight, pain and poverty,

when leaders say and do

what we’d reprimand our children for,

when the needs keep on coming

and the challenges keep on challenging.

This world can make us tired, Lord.

What can this world make us learn, Lord?

When racism is widely accepted and justice can’t be found,

When there are naked to be clothed,

imprisoned who should be free,

when there are thirsty needing water,

what can this world make us learn, Lord?

This world can make us love, Lord!

When the outcast is left isolated,

when the infirm are forgotten,

when the anxious are misunderstood,

when the minority are trampled,

this world can make us love, Lord.

Teach us then Father, Son, Spirit.

Teach us all to go!

To preach the Good News.

To be the Good News.

With love,

with courage,

in service.


As we pray for our world  fighting the pandemics of Covid 19 and racism. We pray for all God’s children regardless of colour or creed to know peace and grace in every part of our world.

Song – Blinded by your Grace

Prayer of Dedication

Often we doubt we have much to give.

In reality we have so much more

than so many people do worldwide.

Keeping better perspective then,

we offer ourselves once more.

Take our gifts of money.

Take our gifts of time.

Take our gifts of service once again.

Yes, Lord, use even me, much as I have to learn,

for the sake of your Kingdom’s ways.


HYMN – You are Called to Tell the Story


Go with God’s blessing

to be disciples, and to make disciples.

Not knowing all the answers,

not promising to give all the answers;

but content to know, and confirm to others,

that God is present,

in all the mix of certainty and doubt that is human life. Amen