Sunday Worship – February 14th 2021

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship – with parts in bold to say aloud

God comes and does not keep silent,

God calls to the heavens and earth,

to God’s faithful ones.

We answer God’s call.

Leader: God calls us each by name,

chosen and loved,

known and seen.

We answer God’s call,

we gather to worship.

HYMN – This Little Light of Mine

All-Age Prayer

On top of a mountain,

the disciples see an amazing sight,

we can only imagine what they,

must have thought,

but Jesus was with them,

so, we know they were safe and secure,

they were in his protection,

just like we are today.

Thank you, God, for showing

us the long history and bright future

of you people, from Moses and Elijah,

to Peter, James, and John,

help us to find confidence in their stories

to follow you in our own lives,

to love each other,

to be kind to each other,

and to love you

every day of our lives.


HYMN – Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus

Reading: Mark 9 v 2-15 read by Alan Marshall


HYMN – Praise the One who Breaks the Darkness

Prayers for Others and Ourselves

Ever loving God,

we pray today for your church.

As Christian communities

all across Scotland and the World,

face new challenges, pain

and an uncertain future,

we pray for the wisdom to see

new opportunities for growth and renewal,

even in these difficult times.

We pray for this church,

gathered here, and in the wider community,

as it continues to work your kingdom,

and to carry out your mission,

we pray for strength to carry on,

even as it may seem more difficult

than ever to spread your word.

As Jesus’ life is revealed in our holy books

so too let his love be revealed in our community today.

We pray with all those living in fear,

those who have had to flee their homeland,

who do not feel safe in their own homes,

those who are marginalised because of

their sexuality, race, or gender,

or any other reason

for which your beloved children are attacked.

Help them to see,

your all-encompassing love,

and help us to show that same love.

We pray for our world,

as we continue to face

crisis after crisis, and struggle

to protect and preserve

your wonderous creation,

as we feel helpless in the face

of wars raging and lives ruined,

we ask for boldness,

to speak truth to power,

to find new ways to create change,

and we pray that those

with the power to do so,

will find the strength in you

to do what is right

rather than that which is easy.

We pray these things in the name

of Jesus, who is revealed to us

and calls us to do his work.


HYMN – Shine Jesus Shine


Just as Jesus chose to descend

the mountain once again,

We follow him back into the world

to bring love, healing and peace

to our communities.

May we go and serve

in the name of God almighty,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

today, tomorrow and forever more. Amen.

There will be a special Valentine’s Day message from Messy Church this evening on the website at 6pm.

Next Sunday for the 1st Sunday of Lent we will be having a service on zoom beginning at 11am. The zoom details will be posted on Sunday morning (21st February) and the zoom waiting room will open at 10.45am.