Sunday Worship – 15th November 2020 by Rev Gayle Taylor

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship (with parts in bold to say aloud)

Let us lift up our eyes to the Lord

enthroned in the heavens!

We come ready to worship,

to listen anew to the Word of the Lord.

Have mercy upon us, O Lord,

and may we never tempt your scorn,

Fill us, as we gather,

with your spirit of justice.

Let your freedom reign, O Lord,

guiding us and leading us to new life.

We are here to worship God,

let us lift our hearts in praise.

HYMN O God you Search me and you Know Me

Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Lord God,

giver of all good things,

giver of life itself,

we worship and adore you.

You created the earth

and asked us to care for it.

We took control

and began to exploit

the resources you gave us.

You gave us enough and more to share.

We hoarded as though things were scarce

and let others go hungry and voiceless.


if we have learned nothing else in this season,

may we never forget

how connected we all are

across the world.

When one part of the body hurts,

all suffer.

So, God,

before we lose sight of all that you’ve taught us,

unclench our hands

and release in us your generosity.

Convict us in our worship

of your call to us to clothe the naked,

to feed the hungry,

to house the homeless,

to give sight to the blind and healing to the lame—

such is your power and your faith in us.

May our worship then renew and equip us

to serve you by serving the world.


Hymn Prayer for Harmony and Unity

Reading: Matthew 25 v 14 – 20 read by Alan Marshall

Dramatised Reading:


HYMN – Father I Place into your Hands

Prayers for Others and Ourselves

God you have reminded us

that all humanity is connected.

We are dependent on one another

and on the earth that you created.

So, help us to live in love,

caring for one another,

building up one another

in love and reverence.

May we never avert our eyes

when any of your children suffer

but instead hear you calling us

to make a difference.

May we never feel self-sufficient

but always be aware

of how we need each other.

May we never be silent

when our voices should be raised in protest.

God it is not your will that any should suffer,

so help us to pray for

and work towards justice,


equity and love

with all that we have,

bearing one another’s burdens,

sharing one another’s sorrows.

God, help us to use our power wisely

and always for good

until we see your kingdom come

and your will done.


HYMN – I the Lord of Sea and Sky

All Age Church

Our churches have taken a financial hit this year, some more than others. Today’s offering idea is a collective one. A fundraising idea that has been used in a number of places and involves giving people a set amount of money and asking them to go and use this wisely to raise more. In one church the minister bought watercolour paints and painted some pictures that were then sold. Others used the money to buy the ingredients for small-scale coffee mornings which they invited friends to come to and charged a fee or asked for a donation. Some bought ingredients to make jam or marmalade to sell.

• If the church were to give you £100 how would you use that to raise funds?

• Is this a fundraising idea that might work for our setting?

Offering: if you wish to give online you can use the button below:

Prayer of Dedication

Generous God,

we bring ourselves,

withholding nothing that you have given us.

Use our gifts and skills

to change the world,

beginning right where we are.


HYMN – Sent by the Lord am I


Our faith asks much of us,

sometimes it can feel too much.

As you go from our time together

know that you are enough.

Your presence and faithfulness

are a great witness to God’s love.

Beloved child of God

know God’s blessing

with you this day and every day. Amen.