Sunday Worship – 1st November 2020 by Rev Gayle Taylor

Sitting in different chairs, joining in at different times throughout the day, God’s people still gather for worship on this, the Lord’s day. Welcome, to Sunday worship.

Call to Worship with parts in bold to say aloud

Based on Psalm 43.

We come to the altar of God

ready to hear the Word of God,

we come to seek your holy refuge, Lord God,

and cast aside all that removes us from you.

The Lord sends out his light and truth

casting away the darkness of mourning,

let them lead us into your dwelling place.

May we not be cast down

but rather lift our voices in praise,

our help and our God.

Let us worship the Lord!

HYMN – Praise my Soul the King of Heaven

Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Wise one,

your knowledge is complete,

perfect in every way,

we seek to learn and become wiser.

We come before you

as willing students,

ready to listen,

to hear your words of wisdom

for us today.

In your wisdom

you gave each one of us

gifts and talents

to help build your kingdom.

We are sorry for those times

when we have failed to use

all you have given us.

We are conscious that there

have been times we have chosen

to ignore the needs of others

and instead been foolish.

Forgive us, O Lord,

we desire wisdom

we long to be more like Jesus

in our words and our actions.

We recommit ourselves

to the work you have given us

using all that we have

to bring the kingdom of God

here and now.


Reading: Matthew 23 v 1- 12 read by Jean Davidson

Dramatised Reading:

Reflection –

HYMN – Brother, Sister, let me serve you

Prayers for Others and Ourselves

Gracious God,

wise teacher,

we thank you

for your patience

and mercy.

Hear us, O Lord,

as we offer these prayers

for our universe.

We thank you

for the men, women and children

who wisely use the gifts and talents

you have given them,

who are making our world

a better place to live in.

We thank you

for all those people

who are gifted teachers

helping others to learn

and grow in all manner of ways.

We thank you

for all those people

who are enablers

helping people

to discover gifts and talents

they weren’t aware of.

We pray for

all those people

who have been denied

from using the gifts and talents

they have and who long

for an opportunity to use them.

We pray for

all those people

who spend so much time

envying the gifts of others

they fail to see their own gifts

nor use them well.

Lord in a world full of people

who love to proclaim their wisdom

but live foolish lives

we pray that your followers

would strive to be

as wise as Jesus

and live as he did.

Help us we pray.


HYMN – Oh Lord all the World Belongs to You


As well as offerings of time and talents, you can make your financial offerings via the envelopes, standing order or by the new online donate button below:

Prayer of Dedication

Generous God,

you teach us to offer freely,

without counting the cost,

receive our offerings today,

a symbol of all our gifts and talents

freely given to work for your kingdom.


HYMN – For all the Saints


Following Jesus can be difficult.

It is not easy always getting things right.

Sometimes it is easier to look good than be good.

Know that as we bring our worship to a close

that you are good enough

for you are

beloved of God,

upheld by Jesus,

and accompanied by the Spirit.  Amen

Next Sunday our Remembrance service will take place in the building at Mayfield and Easthouses at 11am. To book a place please call the church office on 0131 663 3245. The service will also be live streamed for our congregation joining us from their homes.