July Messy Church

Following on from last week’s Thought for the Day Theme of “Fruits of the Spirit”, this week our Messy Church to Go will link in with this. On Tuesday from 4.30pm – 5.30pm Erika and the team will be outside the Scotmid in Mayfield and Easthouses at Messy Church time where you can collect your Messy Church to Go bag to do at home. For those who will not be in the area, here’s some on the content:

The Story:

In June we looked at the Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit from the book of Acts chapter 2 verses 1-21. Today we are going to look what the Holy Spirit can do for US, yes, you and me, even today, here in Scotland.
The fruit of the spirit can be found in the book of Galatians chapter 5 verses 22—23.

Gifts of the Spirit Craft:

You will need ; a paper plate, scissors, glue, wool , coloured paper, colouring pen/pencils.
Cut the body from the plate
Cut two wings, glue the wings
To the back of the body,
Draw on eyes, beak and legs
Cut 9 teardrop shape pieces of paper, on each one
Write one of the fruits of the spirit.
Attach a piece of wool to each teardrop with glue or tape, and attach the other end to the underneath of the wings.
Attach a longer piece of wool from the top of one wing to the top of the other
To make a hanger.

Wind Chimes

What you need:
Old CD’s, forks and spoons (6 altogether) String, a disc of wood with a hole in the middle or a CD, scissors, a small stick or old pencil.
Cut the string into 4 equal lengths, fold in the middle, lay the stick/pencil an inch from the fold, bring the 8 ends up over the stick/pencil and through the loop.
Push the 8 ends of string through the hole in the disc
Tie old CDs, forks or spoons to the end of 6 pieces of string, join the last 2 strings to make a hanger.
With the pencil underneath spread your chimes to balance the disc
The Wind chimes remind us that even though we cant see the wind it affects the world around us. We see the wind in the trees, the way washing dries, the noise from our chimes, we even see destruction in hurricane and tornado but we cant see the wind. The Holy spirit cant be seen, but it should affect the way that we live our lives, we should be living differently if the Spirit of God is in us.

Home made bubble mix

Mix ½ cup of washing up liquid with 3 cups water
Stir in gently
Add 2 tsp sugar
Mix gently
Leave to stand overnight
Make a “wand” from paper clips, slotted spoons,
Pipe cleaners, biscuit cutters etc
See what size bubbles can be made with different shapes
The Holy spirit is described as a breath of wind,
We cant see the wind but we see its effects in the trees, on the washing line,
In our hair or where the birds fly.
The same way the Holy Spirit cant be seen but the effects can in our goodness kindness and helpfulness.

We hope you enjoy your Messy Church at Home, If you are missing the songs you can look up some Fishcy Music or Doug Horley on You Tube, and look out for the Thought for the Day on the Newbattle Parish web site www.newbattleparish.org.uk or Messy Church May-field and Easthouses on face book for more ideas and “Church”.

Messy Church prayer:
Dear God, Thank you for your Word the Bible. Thank you for your promise of the Holy Spirit, fill me so that I can show the fruit of the spirit in my life.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen