Baptismal Sunday – 28th November 2021

Etiquette Tips for a Child's Baptism or Christening

This week our Sunday the service will be in the building at Mayfield and Easthouses . There will be a baptism for the first time in over 2 years so it has been necessary to put some special arrangements in place to make this happen, particularly during these Covid times. As a one off, we will return to the booking system for this service because the baptismal family will take up a large number of the allocated seats. There will be 20 seats for the congregation in the building and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis by phoning the church office (0131 663 3245) from today (Monday) to book. Gayle has also made special arrangements that the service will be live streamed. This is slightly different from zoom in that you will be able to see, via a camera man filming, not only Gayle at the front of the church but also the baptism and the congregation at different points in the service. There will be a video link on the website on the Sunday morning for you to click and join.

If you can join the live stream, please consider those who do not use the internet  and may need the physical seats in the church. Next week there will be a full programme published of all the services and activities going on in the church during December. We will have a higher number of services in the building for advent and Christmas so that more people can get to church, as well as a number of events and activities out in the community.