Messy Church – May 2021

May the Fourth be with you! by Erika Pryde

Today is known as Star Wars day!

Now it has come to the attention of some of the Messy Church team that not everyone is aware of this and worse! that some people have never even watched a Star Wars Film! Shocking! If you have the Disney Chanel (and I don’t!) you may be able to get one of the recent ones there.

Star Wars takes place in a Galaxy far, far away and unfolds over many, many years but it is fictional (well, we think it is!). Within the stories and the characters that unfold there are lots of Christian messages that can be explored, Heroes that have failures, characters that are part of something much bigger, the need for wise teachers, fear, darkness, forgiveness and hope, But the one we will look at is the FORCE.

In Star Wars the universe is governed by a mysterious life Force, those who are good tap into this Force and can wield incredible powers (The Jedi Knights are like superhero using the Force to sense what is around them) but those villains who are dedicated to evil like the Sith try to make the Force do what they want it to do and the powers they have lead to destruction, fear and selfishness.

So the battle in Star Wars is between Good (the Rebellion trying to protect the weaker people of the universe) and Evil (The Empire trying to control and have power over the entire universe)

Even when the evil Empire appears to be in control, the galaxy is still at war and the rebellion continues in small pockets where hope can still be found. Heroes rise up to defend the weak and inspire others. By using the Force, the Jedi Knights show the universe that evil can be defeated. The Jedi knights are trained to trust the higher power that they can’t see, to follow the will of the living Force. This gives them the ability to save the universe.

God calls his followers to be heroes like this too. To use the Power that he gives us. For us, it is the Holy Spirit, Gods presence with us, helping us to overcome fear, to do right, to forgive, to bring love and care to other people and to bring the light of Jesus (like our own light sabres) into the world (and universe) When we read our bible (which is called the sword of the spirit in Ephesians 6 verse 17) we can be a force for good. We can see lots of examples of the Power of the God overcoming evil.

Do you want to be a superhero, like a Jedi Knight? Then let the Power of God’s Spirit guide you. You might not think you are extraordinary but remember that the Jedi knights weren’t born heroes, they trained and worked hard. You aren’t alone, spend time like the Jedi knights learning from a good teacher, Luke Skywalker learnt from Obi Wan and Yoda before he was ready to go and make a difference and even then he went with friends from the Rebellion, just as Jesus Disciples did when Jesus sent them out to spread the message of Love. And you are part of something bigger. In the same way that in Star Wars each of the characters is fighting for something bigger than themselves, that is Intergalactic peace, each of us is part of the body of Christ – that is part of all Christians the world over, you can help teach others about Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit just as others have before you.

Shall we pray?

Lord Jesus, thank you that you gave us your spirit to help us to do good, let us use our light to help others, to overcome fear, darkness and bad things just as the Jedi use their light sabres and the Force 


May the 4th Experiments

Magnetic force  –

You will need –

  • 1 container or drinking glass
  • Pipe cleaner (at least 1)
  • Scissors
  • Magnet


Use the scissors and cut up the pipe cleaners into 1 – 2cm strands. Add them to the container and close the lid. Place the magnet somewhere on the container, give the whole thing a light shake and you will find the strands are attracted to the magnet.

 Basically it happens because magnets have an invisible force field that causes it to attract and stick to metals such as what is found inside these pipe cleaners. This force is strong enough to pass through some materials like the plastic of this container.

Wind Force –

  • You will need- Square sheet of paper, Pin, straw or stick, small circle of plastic (like the flat inside of a milk carton lid.) Follow the picture instructions and then if your windmill catches the pin use the plastic circle on top of the paper, pushing the pin through it.

Gravity Force-

  • stick
  • String
  • Paperclips
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Strong magnets
  • Metal ruler (or wooden ruler with tape)
  • Blocks, books, or other material for stacking


1.Start by tying some paperclips to pieces of string. Then tie the string onto a small dowel rod or stick.

2. Lift up the dowel rod so the paperclips hang from the string.

Which direction do the paperclips point?

What happens if you tilt the stick? 

3.Tape your magnets along the ruler

4. make two towers with your blocks and put the ruler with magnets facing down

5. take the paper clips off your stick

6. Take one paperclip and hold it until it’s just suspended below the first magnet. Tape the string in place onto the table (or whatever surface your activity is on). Do this with the other two paperclips.

7.After taping the string down remove the ruler with the magnets and see what happens

8.Put the ruler with magnets back above the paperclips. Slowly lift each paperclip toward each magnet

Light Sabers –

                             You will need-  a glow stick, cardboard, sticky tape, tinfoil

  1. Using the card board as the handle, make it into a tube and stick to the thicker end of the glow stick.
  2. With the tin foil fold it into little pleats to make ridges then stick this to the card to make a silver handle
  3. Bend the glow stick carefully to activate the light and shake, May the Force (Fourth) be with you

Static electricity –

              You will need  – a balloon

Method –           1.blow up the balloon, tie it off at the neck.

2.Rub the balloon on your jumper or T-shirt

3.Now try and ‘hang’ it on the wall or hold near your hair watch your hair stand on end!

That is static, sometimes it can give you a shock when you’ve walked on a nylon carpet or when you touch a handle or door, you can feel the effect but can’t see it!

Hurrah! Things are starting to get a bit more normal, whether you like school or not at least you are able to meet with your friends again, you can start back at some of your sports clubs. The Clubs have started meeting again and there is hope for holidays and visits to families all over Scotland and the UK. Church is back open on some Sundays and on zoom as well but Messy Church has not restarted in the building because we can’t offer food or drinks and we can’t mingle as groups so for May and June we will carry on with Messy Church to go.

Next month Tuesday 1st June is PARTY TIME – join with us at the square by Scotmid to collect a party bag!! Happy Birthday to the Christian Church.

God Bless you and be with you all, From Erika and the Messy Church team, Ruth, Joey, Emily, Lucy, Beth, Bailiee, Abbey, Bibi.

Newbattle Parish, Church of Scotland, serving the communities of Mayfield, Easthouses, Newtongrange and Newbattle.

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May 4th 2021

May the Fourth be with you!

There is a lot in your bag this month, experiments to carry out looking at invisible forces, a light sabre of your own to make (in miniature) and a POWER pack about the invisible power of God with bible verses and activities to do as families. And as we approach the part of the Christian year during which we celebrate the ascension of Jesus into heaven after appearing to hundreds of disciples after his sacrifice, there is an interactive prayer map to use from 13th May onwards.

WOW so busy you will be! enjoy your activities, please post on the face book page and show your creations

There are so many things around you that you can’t see!  How many can you think of? The Wind, Gravity, Electricity, Static Electricity, Magnetism and WIFI.

You can’t see but you can feel and see the effect of the wind blowing the trees and washing, turning a turbine. You can see the effect of Gravity when you fall over, when you drop a penny, Talk together about what effects you can see of other invisible powers.