Thought for the Week – 75 years by Rev Gayle Taylor

This March 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of Christian Aid. The 3 traditional practices of Lent are: fasting, prayer and almsgiving (giving to charity). Why not think of a way to support Christian’s Lent and Easter 75th anniversary appeal and join in with the prayer for this week.

You are invited to celebrate the 75th anniversary with a gift which will enable Christian Aid to face humanity’s greatest challenge of all, the climate crisis.

This Lent and Easter, you can help your global neighbours who are facing the devastating crises caused by climate change – in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

A link to find out how to donate:

Will you mark this moment with a gift to help the fight for climate justice?

This Week’s Prayer
Loving creator God and Lord of all,
we know that you hold close to your heart
the hungry and the poor,
the vulnerable and the marginalised.
You bring down powerful people from their thrones.
You invite us to join you in your global mission
to bring about justice and equality,
dignity and love.
You challenge our choices and our lifestyles.
You challenge our vision and our hearing.
As we daily make our selfish choices to buy this or that
you see those whose choices for the basics have been
taken from them.
As we dither about what we can do about fossil fuels,
you see those whose homes are being washed away.
As we debate about whether gender justice really
you see women who are excluded from owning land.
As we look for the best of education for our children,
you see those who never get to survive infancy.
Lord open our eyes and ears to see the world that you
To hear the voices that you hear.
To listen to the people who ache for justice.
To rage with them.
To hope with them.
To trust and work with them for a better tomorrow.
Even as you fill the hungry with good things,
may we not be among those who are sent away with
empty hands.
In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Liz Hughes, Presbyterian Minister (retired), and
presently Chair of Christian Aid Ireland and
Chair/Convener of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s
Global Mission Council.