Thought for the Week – Missing the Music by Rev Gayle Taylor

As Christmas draws ever nearer the alternative nativity plays, carol services and end of advent events may be creative and clever but there’s one big miss at them all…… I stood in a a supermarket queue the other day and a woman behind me quite spontaneously began singing along with the Christmas music being played. No sooner had she realised that she was singing, she scolded herself. How awful! In this season when we remember that the joy of the good news of the Saviour’s birth was first sung above the shepherds sky by the angelic choir and where others thereafter burst into songs of praise and delight, how awful to not be allowed to sing. We cannot sing in school, we cannot sing in church….not even in the supermarket! However, perhaps this week you might want to listen and sing along with the carol “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. You can hear this carol with excellent organ and tremendous sung parts as part of the Garleston Singers concert below. We are grateful to have these singers and musicians in our Presbytery of Lothian who give a concert at Christmas every year in St Mary’s Church in Haddington. The whole concert is here for your enjoyment but for a good sing, we are all invited to hear about the history of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” at 35. 15 on the video and then asked to join in the singing from wherever we are.