Thought for the Day- The Call to Serve – Rev Gayle Taylor

Jesus said: The greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them. And you are my friends if you do what I have commanded you.” John 15 v 13-14

As most of us try to get our heads around the Prime Minister and First Minister’s messages from last night, we will be very conscious of all the things that need to adjust in our daily routines. Many active and busy people are worrying about the word “restrictions” and are anxious about what it will be like to not go to work or voluntary jobs for a number of weeks. I’d like us to share a thought and prayer today for those who do not have the choice, in a different way, about going to work this morning. Perhaps like me, you have members of your family or close friends who are on the front line. We spoke about key workers in our shops and pharmacies last week but today I feel we must send all our love and prayers to those in the NHS.

I know from the people in my life who work in the NHS that there is a real dread and adrenaline fuelled feeling as they go into work these days. Too many briefings and meetings about how bad things could be, too many stark reminders about the seriousness of the situation as some patients have already struggled and died and too many things to think about as they come home at night to their own lives and their own new normal with families.

Last night we were called to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. Let’s do more than that, let’s remember and give thanks today for all those people in our NHS who on one level probably don’t want to go into to work today but who do it because they have a sense of calling. A call to serve others and not self, a call to value life and strive to preserve it. Yes, they will have their moments of dread and upset; their human, wobbly moments as things seem overwhelming but these people are the true heroes of the war against this virus. So let’s all do our bit to value our NHS, let us pray:

God of love, thank you for our National Health Service:
For all who give of themselves and go above and beyond the call of duty;
For those who work tirelessly to attend to the needs of others:
For Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and support staff who are maintaining the safest environment for the most ill at this time.
Grant them your strength in their tasks, your wisdom in their thinking and your peace in their rest. Amen