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Fund Raising

The Cornerstone Project - Fund Raising

(Updated June 2014)

A project of this size and complexity is going to cost serious money! The projected total for the captital build is in the region of £740,000.00! A large proprtion of this will come from grant applications with a small group set up for this task.

As well as setting aside £70,000.00 from existing reserves, in March 2014 the Kirk Session and Congregational Board agreed a target of £75,000.00 for local fund raising. Much of this is still work in progress with an online donation page being set up in the near future.

Fund Raising Activities Include:

Table Sale and Snack Lunch on Saturday 8th March in Mayfield and Easthouses Church.

Event well supprted - thanks to everyone who took paert! Amount raised was £473.10

The Major Series 10K Obstacle Course - 7th June 2014.


Before               &                After!

Sean raised (including Gift Aid) £2,752.00.

More photos can be found on Sean's Facebook Page