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Plans and design of the Cornerstone Project

In 2013 the Kirk Session and Congregational Board appointed Angus Design Associates Ltd as the Architects for the redevelopment of Mayfield and Easthouses Church to form a community hub.

Whilst the outward appearance could suggest that the building is in poor condition, the structure is sound and the interior is in surprsingly good condition given that no major repairs or redevelopment have taken place since it was constructed in 1955.

The plans involve retaining the orginail footprint, but reconfiguring the interior layout to provide new toilets, kitchen and flexible space that can be used for a variety of purposes. A purpose build soft play area coupled with a cafe (with a clear emphasis on healthy eating - no chips or chicken nuggest!) will provide much needed community facilities.

The redesign of the building will include energy efficent heating and lighting, imporved levels of insulation thus reducing our carbon footprint and full length windows making best use of avaliable light.

Plans for the interior design and layout

Plans for the external design and elevation

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Newbattle Parish comprises of the three churches of: Mayfield and Easthouses, Newbattle, Newtongrange.